My spoken and written vocabulary

(Inside the old school building)

If you watch anime with subtitles, you might want to watch this video (total of 5 parts). It's regarding fansubs. I do have to agree with most of the points raised there.

It seems apparent that my spoken vocabulary is a lot lesser than my written vocabulary. When I try to talk, the words come out broken or a lot of basic words were used to the point that I'm not sure what I was saying. But when it comes to writing/typing, it comes out alright.

The main likely reason for that is the lack of usage in practice. Another reason is that my brain processes things slower than everyone else. So the first thing that comes to my mind during the thinking process is said out, but inconsistent.

So, if you ask me about something, it's possible that I may answer an immediate "don't know" or say out the basic things even though I might know a lot about it.

I have learn several languages but the following are what I know more of: English, Japanese, Chinese (it's like everywhere these days) and (for some odd reason) a language spoken in Malaysia and Indonesia. Like how "ねこ" , "貓", and "kuching" all refer to "cat".

When I say "To go [end location], ah, you must take the [acronym associated with the transport] to [transfer location] and then you can reach that place. I can guarantee you one you know." (emphasis is placed on words in italics) I ment "In order to get to [end location], you could take the [mode of transport] to [transfer location] and you could either walk or take bus from there."

I can't thing of anything else other than that I have updated the imeem song playlist, so I'm going to end this as a cliffhanger with no continuation. :P


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